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Pichat information

Information and documentation for the Pichat software:
User handbook - First steps, chat commands, smileys, hotkeys
Chat configuration - Web server, settings, files, status, statistics
Developer documentation - Chat clients, protocol, plugin programming
Software development kit - Pichat SDK introduction, overview, files
Frequently asked questions - Questions and answers about Pichat, FAQ
Chat features - Main chat features, user interface, functionality, services
Readme - Installation notes, security advice, firewall, license, credits


Pichat software was first published in 2002 by Mark Seuffert, it was heavily influenced by chat programs such as IRC, ICQ and by peer-to-peer technologies. A web interface was added in 2004 based on an earlier prototype from 1998. The chat is written in the C++ programming language. New chat functionality and plugins are now developed together with David Fehrmann. Pichat is mainly used in Europe with visitors from around the world.


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  • installation
  • configuration
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Pichat is a simple to use chat software. It comes with integrated LAN messenger and webchat. The chat server supports multiple chatrooms, text formatting with smileys and a user-friendly webchat (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript). The webchat works with nearly any web browser, easily integrated into your design, no PHP/Flash/Java required. Software for free information exchange for Linux and Windows. Built with Yellow