Pichat frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Last update 10/Aug/2010 by Mark Seuffert
1. Can I use Pichat with my friends?
A webchat is included in Pichat
A webchat is included in Pichat
Yes, everybody is welcome to use Pichat or include the webchat in his website. The chat is free of charge and it doesn't matter if you plan to use it privately or work-related, for example as a chat with friends or to communicate with co-workers in the office. For further details please see the license.
2. How do I change my nickname?
Press hotkey Ctrl+Shift+O or use the /NICK command.
3. How do I get a time stamp?
Press hotkey Ctrl+Z or use the /TIMESTAMP command.
4. How can I talk with someone in private?
Simply enter /MESSAGE followed by name and the text. The other user will then receive a private message that only he is able to read, e.g. '/message Moak What are you doing tonight?'. In case you want to communicate longer with one user you can also go into an own chatroom. The next question explains how to do this.
5. How do I create my own chatroom?
Simply enter /JOIN followed by the name of a chatroom, e.g. '/join my room'. The requested chatroom will be created automatically if it didn't exist so far, other users can then also join the chatroom. Not all chat servers allow users to create own chatrooms or require registration, contact a friend or chat admin if you have questions.
6. How do I make smileys?
Simply enter them on the keyboard. With :) you will get a happy smiley, which is often used after a joke or to mark irony. With :( you will get a sad smiley, which is often used when someone is disappointed or angry at someone. Pichat offers a whole series of smileys to simplify communication, also see smileys and internet slang in the user handbook.
7. How do I change colors?
Press hotkey Ctrl+K or use the /COLORSCHEME command. Nicknames from other users will be automatically shown in a different color. Furthermore there are different text colors which you can use in the chat, see also text formatting and colors in the user handbook.
8. What should I do in case of harassment?
If you become victim of an attack: just stay cool and ignore it. On the other side you don't have to put up with everything, in hard cases it's best to contact a friend or a chat admin, they know what to do and can take care of the problem. By the way, the sentence "Desperate and horny today?" is usually enough to keep unpleasant people at bay.
9. Is Pichat based on IRC or Jabber?
No, Pichat is an own chat system. There are a couple of chat command that are similar to IRC (Inter Relay Chat), but under the hood runs an own protocol and a chat system that does not rely on a centralised server. Basically you can run an independent chat service and adjust it to your own needs. For more information about Pichat and a short introduction see chat features.
10. How do I start my own chat server?
After downloading and starting the Pichat software you already have a running LAN messenger, chat server and web server. To make the server accessible from the Internet you need to configure your firewall, router or cable modem correspondingly. Pichat uses the following ports: 9009/TCP and 80/TCP (in default settings). See also security advice.
11. How do I....?
Please talk with other users in the chat, just ask for help. Tip
Pichat is a simple to use chat software. It comes with integrated LAN messenger and webchat. The chat server supports multiple chatrooms, text formatting with smileys and a user-friendly webchat (HTML, CSS, DOM, JavaScript). The webchat works with nearly any web browser, easily integrated into your design, no PHP/Flash/Java required. Software for free information exchange for Linux and Windows. Built with Yellow