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We are moving everything to Github. In the meantime here's how to install your own chat:

On Linux extract Pichat with the command 'tar -xvf pichat_linux32.tgz' from a console window, then start it with './pichatd'. Settings can be changed in the '~/.pichat/pichat.ini' file.

On Windows double click Pichat to install and start it. You can change your settings by clicking on 'Options', most settings are automatically detected at the first start. Easy peasy.


Pichat software was first published in 2002 by Mark Seuffert, it was influenced by chat programs such as IRC, ICQ and by peer-to-peer technologies. A web interface was added in 2004 based on an earlier prototype from 1998. The chat is written in the C++ programming language. New functionality is developed together with David Fehrmann since 2010. Pichat is mainly used in Europe.

Thanks to Alpha, BohBoh, Corical, Domk, Feyd, Gael, HÃ¥kan, Jamie, JoeBlack, Joel, Magnus, Mia, Mattze, MoonSky, Morgwen, Phantomix, Protector, Rickard, Rouv, Spooky, Stella, Stoa, TheOne, Wolf.


Our friends may use this software, if you are in doubt you must not use it. Unmodified distribution is permitted between our friends. No warranty, you run at your own risk.

Feedback or questions? Get in touch with Mark @markseu on Twitter, Pichat or Email.